How to help with communication during the Coronavirus crisis

For many, the Coronavirus has been a merciless eye opener. In recent years, technology and innovation have advanced so rapidly, and produced such incredible developments, that we would have assumed that we were closer to inventing teleportation or achieving immortality than to be living in a reality where the entire world has become vulnerable to a single virus: COVID-19. But no, reality waits for no one.

There are many groups of people for whom we must be grateful at this difficult time, who are working tirelessly to ensure that life goes on with some degree of normality, in sectors such as: healthcare, sanitation, food, key workers and of course, JOURNALISTS.

Here at eVerythink we would like to thank our journalist colleagues who work around the clock to keep us informed, some from home, but others from hospital wards, desolate streets, newsrooms, or radio and television studios. Messages do vary, some more neutral, hopeful, negative, or even sensationalist, each one aligned with its editorial line, as well as the personality of the editor, so that we can choose what kind of perspective we wish to hear from. Some have even become a breath of fresh air, such as those from @antoniolorenzo at @EleconomistaES, who manages to provide positive news stories each day, which are well-selected amongst all of the recent drama.

Companies, and indeed us as a PR agency, have been exposed to a new reality. Fragility, instability, in the face of which we must stand up and sharpen our wits in order to secure both our team and our business, and to help as much as we can to provide our weakened and frightened society with relevant information. It is imperative to keep on communicating, and to continue providing valuable news to help the Spanish people, who are trapped inside, consuming any media that they can (online, radio and television) in order to distract themselves, to learn, to find new interests and things to do during the week, and to come out of this stronger than before.

This is why it is important that we keep on working, that we offer content that differs from what we spent so many hours planning for in December. It is the time to harness our creativity, and to show our clients how they can support our society at this time. Even though this uncertainty is overwhelming and can dampen not only our spirits, but also our revenue forecasts -, communication should now be on the list of basic priorities, just like having internet connection or even the infamous toilet roll. Because communication is not all about advertising what a company sells, describing how their service works or what plans they have for the future. Today, we can see that the impossible has become possible, and that communicating in such times of crisis means advancement, contribution and reconnection within a world that is changing day by day. We must help all that we can, and keep on communicating. We have been at is for three weeks now, doing the best we can, with a team who are dedicated, motivated and proud to be providing valuable information to attract media, so that those who are stuck at home can continue advancing. If information is power, agencies like us must not stay silent.