How to write a successful press release

Qué debe tener una nota de prensa para ser un éxito

Firstly, the most important thing is to forget about the common myths. A good story is not the only way to emerge in mass media. In other words, not all stories are news, and not all news has a story.

When writing a press release, the goal is to provide all necessary information about the product that is being promoted. Also, it is important to properly present the company or entity providing the service, so that the readers can get to know them.

The media needs news, but not all of it comes from stories or advertisements, many come from the latest hot topics or curiosities. So, what is the key to creating a successful press release? In the following, we provide the answer:

  1. Header

This is the most important element of all, as it is the point at which someone decides whether they will continue on to read it or not. You can include:

  • A logo to go with the press release
  • A claim or slogan from the company
  • A label for the document, with the name “press release” or “PR”
  • The date on which it was sent
  1. Headline

This is often the most complicated part of all as here, depending on how you construct your press release, can be essential to its success. The guidelines that you should follow are:

  • Do not use rhymes or riddles.
  • Round-up the statistics
  • Do not use more than 10 statistics, and no more than 2 lines so that they are not overwhelming
  • Highlight the headline with a specific font and make sure to put it in bold
  1. Introduction or Lead

This first paragraph is crucial, as it is in the first 4-5 lines that the journalist should have all of the necessary information to identify the essence of the piece.

  1. Main body of the text

Here, it is important to provide all content in a logical order. The structure of the press release, and how the information is provided, is often an important factor to ensure that the reader continues reading.

  1. Boiler Plate

Give all necessary information about the company. The objective is to provide a small summary explaining what the company is and what it is dedicated to.

Finally, although we love all news stories, and we follow all of the previously mentioned steps, we are aware that in order to have good results we must provide content that is truly newsworthy. It should be something that combines the interests of the audience, journalists, agencies and clients. Do you have any other questions about how to produce a successful press release? Call us! We would be pleased to meet you.