Bringing together social networks, PR and digital marketing, the perfect communications strategy  

Alinear redes sociales, PR y marketing digita.

Nowadays, all companies are completely aware of how crucially important it is for their business to have a presence in the digital ecosystem. Therefore, it is important to have a communication strategy that clearly and definitively outlines the objectives to be achieved with the latest online tools (for PR, press, events etc…)

Everything counts in communications. Now, it is not enough to simply plan and schedule a content strategy, send out press releases to media outlets and wait for them to publish them. Creative boutique agencies rely on multidisciplinary teams made up of professionals specializing in a variety of different areas, working in a coordinated manner to offer high-quality service to clients.

It is vital for the strategy of the communication and public relations plan to be coordinated, and that it goes hand in hand with the strategy for content being published in different digital channels (web page of corporative blog, brand presence on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, among others)

As we discussed in a post from a few weeks ago, the internet users of today use social media as a source of additional information. Whilst we used to rely on traditional mass media to inform us, consumers of today search and select whatever information interests them the most, as well as consuming the content published on social media by brands, and the opinions and buying experiences of influencers, the thought leaders of the moment. In this sense, collaborating with influencers that relate to the brand can be a great opportunity, allowing the client to make themselves known (especially for brands that are not already well-known in the wider public sphere), and to gain notoriety in their field.

Furthermore, developing a digital presence though the creation and constant updating of the content published on their profile is imperative for engagement, as consumers are becoming increasingly used to being able to communicate directly with brands about their favourite topics, contact them with issues or complaints, or even request something from them personally.

For these reasons, and considering that the online and offline worlds now work in a way that is more coordinated than ever, the most successful brands employ experts who can advise them and ensure a good return on their investment (ROI), that allows them to analyse in the short, medium and long term, of what is being achieved both quantitively and qualitatively through the implementation of their 360 communications plan.